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Digitizing Masterclass Course

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Introduction to Digitizing

Digitizing Overview
  • Introduction to Digitizing
  • Fabrics Role
  • Stabilizers Role

Digitizing Masterclass

Full Digitizing Course
  • Everything in Introduction Digitizing
  • Everything in Foundations of Digitizing
  • Learn to Prevent Gaps in Embroidery
  • Learn to Prevent Registration Issues
  • Learn to Structure & Digitize Designs
  • Learn to Edit Designs
  • Learn to Create Custom Text
  • Learn to Create Color Blends
  • 100+ Lessons/Assignments
  • Printable Book
  • Printable Charts & Resources
  • Access to Private Facebook Group

Foundations of Digitizing

Digitizing Foundations Course
$ 297
  • Everything in Introductions to Digitizing
  • Learn about Lock Stitches
  • Learn about Run Stitches
  • Learn about Satin Stitches
  • Learn about Fill Stitches

Comparing Courses

Introduction to Digitizing

Introduction to Digitizing Includes:

  • Overview of Digitizing
  • Fabrics Guide PDF
  • Stabilizer Guide PDF

Digitizing Masterclass

Digitizing Masterclass Includes:

Includes everything inside Foundations of Digitizing PLUS:

Compensating Overlapping Stitches
  •   Run next to Run
  •   Run next to Satin
  •   Run next to Fill
  •   Satin next to Satin
  •   Satin next to Fill
  •   Fill Next to Fill
Controlling Opposing Objects
  •   Same Color Opposing Objects
  •   Different Color Opposing Objects
Digitizing Text
  •   Trimming or Not
  •   Machine Trims
  •   Hiding Stitches
  •   Determining Entry/Exit Points
  •   Pathing Letters
  •   Handling Serif Style Letters
  •   Handling Lines of Text
Digitizing Designs
  •   Stage 1:  Pre-Digitizing
  •     Design Details
  •     Software Preparation
  •     Creating Design Bluprint
  •     Design Composition Sheet
  •   Stage 2:  Digitizing
  •   Stage 3:  Stitching Out the Design
Examining / Editing Designs
  •   Learning from Designs
  •   Examining Designs Checklist
Advanced Techniques
  •   Digitizing Hats
  •   Digitizing Large Designs
  •   Color Blends
  •   Color Bleeds
  •   Color Gradients
  •   Linear Blends
  •   Radial Blends
Assignments (59 total)

Foundations of Digitizing

Foundations of Digitizing Includes:

Includes all content included in the Introduction to Digitizing Course PLUS:

  • Recipes for Embroidery Success
  • Lock Stitches
  • Run Stitches (how to create and control)
  • Satin Stitches (how to create and control)
  • Fill Stitches (how to create and control)