What We Offer

Floriani FTC-U Masterclass

Your complete Floriani FTC-U software and digitizing training.  Join now to finally get the most out of your software.  This is a yearly subscription product.  Click Here to learn more about the product.

Digitizing Masterclass Course

This course is all about learning how to master the digitizing process.  It is designed to work with any embroidery digitizing software program you own.  Here the mysteries of digitizing will be solved through learning digitizing theory. 

Floriani FTC-U Masterclass

Complete FTC-U Training
$ 297 Yearly Subscription
  • Learn to Master FTC-U Software
  • Guided Software Lessons
  • Interactive Software Manual with Videos
  • Over 80 How-to videos
  • Over 360 total videos of FTCU Training
  • Digitizing With D.J. Series
  • Digitizing Masterclass Lite
  • FTC-U Add-on Software Training
  • Printable Lessons Document
  • Access to Private Facebook Group

Digitizing Masterclass

Full Digitizing Course
  • Learn to Prevent Gaps in Embroidery
  • Learn to Prevent Registration Issues
  • Learn to Structure & Digitize Designs
  • Learn to Edit Designs
  • Learn to Create Custom Text
  • Learn to Create Color Blends
  • 100+ Lessons/Assignments
  • Printable Book
  • Printable Charts & Resources
  • Access to Private Facebook Group