FTCU Masterclass

FTCU Masterclass: FTCU Video Training! Over 300 Videos! Guided FTCU Lessons! Interactive FTCU Manual! Digitizing Masterclass Lite! Digitizing With DJ Series! FTCU Add On Software Training! And More!

The FTCU Masterclass is the FTCU Video Training on steroids.  Not only does it include EVERYTHING that is found inside the FTCU Video Training, it also includes an amazing interactive software manual, guided video lessons you can follow along with, a digitizing with DJ series, Digitizing Masterclass Lite course, and more!  It contains over 260 NEW FTCU VIDEOS not available anywhere else.


Master FTCU & Master Digitizing

Guided Software Lessons

Learn how to use the software through creating/editing designs that include a video guide from D.J. to work you through it.

Interactive Software Manual

Learn about the FTCU software features with this interactive manual.  It includes tons of videos and links to additional videos and guided lessons.

Digitizing Masterclass Lite

This course is designed specifically to help you learn how to digitize your own embroidery designs.  It also contains information on stabilization and fabrics.

Digitizing With DJ - Guided

Digitize the same design as D.J. by opening the design and following the videos that walk you through the entire design.

FTCU Add-on Software Training

Have any FTCU Add-On Software?  If so, learn how to use them inside FTCU.  Training on:

  • Rainbow
  • Lettering Master
  • Font Master
  • Sketch-A-Stitch
  • Total Quilter
  • My Design Album
FTCU Video Training Series

Learn how to use the FTCU tools by watching them in this video training series.

  • Over 80 FTCU Software Tools/Features Videos
  • Over 18 Hours of Video Training

Still Not Sure?

If you are considering joining, now is the time!  This special offer will end on Sunday, February 28, 2021!  To get the special discount off the price now and on each yearly renewal, you must join during this introductory special.

To take a deeper look at what all is currently included inside the FTC-U Masterclass, please watch this video.  I think you’ll agree, this is the most comprehensive, complete, and organized FTC-U software training and resources available!



You will LOVE The FTC-U Masterclass!


Most frequent questions and answers

Great question.  This is a yearly subscription product.  As a subscription product it allows me to continue to frequently add content to the course.  I have a lot of content and benefits in the works that I feel you will absolutely love!  This model also allows me to keep the content current as updates and changes to the software take place, so you aren’t stuck with lessons that may no longer be relevant or usable.   


The subscription is setup to automatically renew each year.  If you choose to not renew, you have the ability to cancel it at any time.  Keeping your subscription active will allow you to continue to get your special, introductory discount each year.


I am confident you will be thrilled with all the content available to you.  But, I give everyone a 7-day money back guarantee.  If you aren’t happy with the course, just let me know within seven days of purchasing to get 100% of your money back.