Foundations of Digitizing

Learn the basics of digitizing and gain a strong foundation to help you on your digitizing journey.

What will I learn?

The Foundations of Digitizing course will help get you started digitizing. You will learn about Fabrics, Stabilizers, and the basics for each stitch type.


It is important to learn how fabrics play a role in the digitizing and embroidery process. This course will help give you a good understanding of working with fabrics.


Stabilization is extremely important to the embroidery process. In this course, you will learn how to choose the correct stabilizer for the job to ensure your digitized design looks as good as possible stitched out.

Digitizing Foundation

In this course, you will gain a strong foundation for the digitizing process. You will learn about each stitch type (run, satin, fill) and how to use each in the designs you digitize.

Want to learn how to take control of the entire digitizing process?

If you want to learn how to take control of the entire digitizing process, you need to take the Digitizing Masterclass. Click the link below to learn more about the Digitizing Masterclass.

Foundations of Digitizing

Learn the basics of digitizing!



Frequently Asked Questions

This is a great place to start!  But, if you are serious about learning how to digitize we strongly recommend joining the Digitizing Masterclass.  It will give you everything in the Foundations of Digitizing course and then expand on digitizing strategy, execution, and theory.  The Digitizing Masterclass is the course for those serious about learning to digitize their own designs with confidence.  

No, this is not a subscription course.  When you sign up for this course you will always have access to the content on this site.

The Foundations of Digitizing course is designed to give you an understanding of what digitizing is and how to create each stitch type.  It also helps you learn about fabrics and stabilizers and how they play a role in the process.  The Digitizing Masterclass, on the other hand, is the complete digitizing course.  It contains more units, more videos, PDF workbook and assignment book.  The Digitizing Masterclass gives a complete digitizing education to help everyone learn how to take control of the digitizing process and gives the skills needed to digitize with skill and confidence.

I want the Digitizing Masterclass Instead!

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"I was fortunate to have meet D.J. Anderson through social media after viewing some of his instructional videos he produced. D.J. stood out to me beyond the rest as his videos and instructions were so well structured, and the clarity in the way he conveyed his teaching, so smooth, not rushed, his style is unmatched. D.J. has taken my knowledge from a total novice in digitizing machine embroidery to a complete digitizer who would now be confident to hang my shingle and start charging for my work."
Wayne Sinclair
Sinclair Graphics