Introducting FTC-U Masterclass

The FTCU Masterclass is the FTCU Video Training on steroids.  Not only does it include EVERYTHING that is found inside the FTCU Video Training, it also includes an amazing interactive software manual, guided video lessons you can follow along with, a digitizing with DJ series, Digitizing Masterclass Lite course, and more!  It contains over 260 NEW FTCU VIDEOS not available anywhere else.  This product is a yearly subscription product.  Make sure to join now, while the promotional discount is still available!

FTCU Masterclass Includes:

  • Everything Found Inside FTCU Video Training, Plus:
  • New Content Added Monthly
  • Over 260 ADDITIONAL Videos (new) on the FTCU Software Found in the Interactive Manual and Guided FTCU Software Lessons
  • Amazing Interactive FTCU Software Manual with Search Capability
    • Includes tons of videos
    • Includes access to additional videos based on the tool/feature
    • Includes links to guided lessons that show how to use the tools
  • Guided FTCU Software Lessons
    • Learn how to use the software through creating/editing designs that include a video guide from DJ to work you through it
  • Digitizing With D.J. Series
    • Digitize the Same Design as D.J. by Opening the Design and Following the Videos that Walk you Through the Entire Design
    • You Will Learn How D.J. Goes Through the Entire Digitizing Process from Start to Finish (planning, setting up the software, digitizing the design, and trouble shooting)
  • Digitizing Masterclass Lite
    • You get access to all the video training and main lessons found in the Digitizing Masterclass Course.  It doesn’tinclude the books or assignments
    • This course is designed specifically to help you learn how to digitize your own embroidery designs.  It also contains information on stabilization and fabrics
  • FTCU/Fusion Add-on Software Video Training
    • This level includes software training on the add-on software programs available for FTCU (Add-ons:  Rainbow, Lettering Master, Sketch-A-Stitch, and Total Quilter)
  • Includes Video Training on Floriani My Design Album Software

Want a closer look? Watch this video: