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The Yearly Subscription FEATURES

FTC-U Masterclass offers:

FTC-U Masterclass

Learn how to master your FTC-U software by working through these hands-on guided video classes.

Digitizing With D.J. Series

Follow along and digitize the same design as D.J. in a guided video lesson.

Interactive Manual

Explore & learn the FTCU software and its features using the amazing interactive software manual.

Digitizing Masterclass Lite

Learn the ins-and-outs of digitizing your own custom embroidery designs.

"How To" Videos

Learn how to use the FTCU tools by watching videos based on specific features and topics.

FTC-U Add-on Software

Do you have any FTCU Add-On Software? If so, learn how to use them inside of FTCU.


You will LOVE the FTC-U Masterclass!

Good morning DJ, I am unable to thank you enough for this amazing program. After spending countless hours researching embroidery software, I chose and purchased FTCU and took advantage of in-store classes as well as online opportunities to learn and put this brilliant software to use. I've owned FTCU for almost ten years and have not been able to grasp enough to produce a single item. My family and friends have teased me mercilessly for purchasing a ten needle embroidery machine and the software to create endless opportunities for gifts and income with no results. Thank goodness they have no idea how much money I spent on those two items alone. It's been a rather embarrassing topic. When I received your email that cold Sunday morning, I was excited yet leary once again of a FTCU learning opportunity. I read your bio, looked at your FB page, and slowly became quite ecstatic I might finally find a light at the end of a very dark and dusty tunnel. Spending money as a recent retiree to learn FTCU after all these years of owning it was scary, but Thank Goodness (!!!) I clicked that button! I have never experienced a level of perfection in the teaching field as I have with this program. Your knowledge of FTCU and the ability to share that wealth of information in this format is amazing. The amount of knowledge I have gained these last few weeks far surpasses anything I gleaned from years of seeking a glimmer of understanding. DJ, thank you so much for sharing your expertise in Floriani as well as in the education field. It is obvious, or should be, the endless hours of true dedication you have expended in producing this program. ....AND the sprinkles on that cupcake is the affordability you have graciously extended. From someone enjoying, learning, and understanding each class session, I am forever grateful. There is nothing I would change concerning each segment. The videos are perfect, the interactive manual is so full of information and easy to follow, and the practice lessons are extremely helpful. I would truly recommend this program to everyone using FTCU. I'm certain the most experienced user as well as the throngs of frustrated owners/want-to-be-users will find so many creative options. With sincere gratitude,

Maggie Proctor


The content available via the FTCU Masterclass far exceeds my expectations, plus it covers every possible learning method imaginable. I've already used the interactive help manual numerous times while doing my Digitizing Masterclass homework assignments. (Love the 'show-me-how" videos that are part of the help manual.) The content presented is clean, crisp and easy to maneuver. DJ's meticulous and methodical manner really shine in this project. I love how he takes complex subjects and breaks them down into simple formulas. I highly recommend the FTCU Masterclass. You'll be blown away by the amount of content that is available to you.

Gina Hodges


We are grateful to the RNK software club which puts out weekly lessons, however, it is not as detailed as DJ's masterclass. This has enhanced my appreciation of FTCU and has also allowed me more insight into my other embroidery software. Thanks DJ, your lessons are very comprehensive.

Grace Parkes


I'm not new to Floriani software, but I'm very much enjoying and learning from D.J.'s FTC-U Masterclass. D. J. has years of experience with Floriani software, which has provided him the special knowledge to be an amazing instructor. His videos and written lessons (pdf's to download) are detailed and thorough, and very nicely organized. If you have questions, D. J. is always quick to respond. The FTC-U Masterclass covers just about every topic in the software and even has great 'watch me digitize' type video lessons, as well as a mini version of the full Digitizing Masterclass (which is also amazing!). I'm sure that anyone that decides to purchase the FTC-U Masterclass will absolutely love it and quickly find themselves creating lots of beautiful embroideries with their newly acquired embroidery and digitizing skills. My personal advice if you're thinking about whether or not you need get it! Once you master this software, nothing will hold you back from achieving beautiful results from whatever project you chose to create or modify.

Carol Sarullo


I have had my software for many years and I have tried multiple training venues. This is the first series to help me learn from the start what this program is all about. Thank you so very much. When I get into it more, I might even get to use it! What a thought!

Pauline Curry


I can't express how pleased I am with the training videos. In just two days I have gone from total uncertainty in using the software to complete confidence. I look forward to more content coming in the near future to further refine my skills. Because of you I now have the confidence to try new things with the Floriani software.

Dennis Mirac


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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes.  The price offered here is only available through this link for a limited time.  Make sure you join during this promotion to receive the discount!

Great question.  This is a yearly subscription product.  As a subscription product it allows me to continue to frequently add content to the course.  I have a lot of content and benefits in the works that I feel you will absolutely love!  This model also allows me to keep the content current as updates and changes to the software take place, so you aren’t stuck with lessons that may no longer be relevant or usable.   

The subscription is setup to automatically renew each year.  If you choose to not renew, you have the ability to cancel it at any time.  Keeping your subscription active will allow you to continue to get your special, introductory discount each year.

I am confident you will be thrilled with all the content available to you.  But, I give everyone a 7-day money back guarantee.  If you aren to happy with the course, just let me know within seven days of purchasing to get 100% of your money back.

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