Floriani My Design Album

3 Programs in 1

My Design Album is the ULTIMATE design cataloging program!  It allows you to quickly organize designs into categories and apply keywords  to them, making it super fast and easy to locate your designs when needed.

File Backup

It is always a good idea to backup the My Design Album database. There are two ways to
create Backups – Create Backup or Create Full Backup.

  • Create Backup – This tool allows you to create a database backup for My Design Album.
  • Create Full Backup – This backup can then be used to restore your entire catalog, if required, at a later time
    (for example, when you want to move to a new computer). Because this creates such a
    large file, this backup type should be used very sparingly.

Filter View & Search

Search for embroidery designs by file name, design format, keyword, and design size.

Edit Designs

Right mouse click on a design in the Catalog Preview window a select the option to edit the design.

Editing Features Include:

  • Save file in different formats
  • Change color of objects
  • Add Notes
  • Slow Redraw to see how designs will stitch out
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste Objects
  • Rotate Designs
  • Mirror Image
  • Split Designs
  • And MORE!

My Design Album Features


  • Design Splitting
  • Thread Chart Creator
  • Fit to Hoop
  • Insert Stop Into a Design
  • Change Thread Colors
  • Slow Redraw
  • Cut, Copy, Paste Object in a Design
  • Add Design Notes to a Design
  • Select and View Your Hoop with the Design


  • Finding Designs
  • Look in Specific Folders
  • Look in Entire Computer
  • Adding Designs
  • Setup “Watch Folders”
  • Drag and Drop From Preview to Category


  • Add Category
  • Rename Category
  • Delete Category
  • Reset Pending Category


  • By Name
  • By File Format
  • By Keyword
  • Search Computer for Designs in Browser


  • Sort by Ascending or Descending Order
  • By Name
  • By Number of Color Changes
  • By Stitch Count
  • By Modified Date
  • By File Type


  • Name
  • Location of Design on Computer
  • Design Size
  • Number of Stitches
  • Number of Color Changes


  • Print Entire Catalog
  • Print Specific Category
  • Print Color Sequence for a Design


  • Batch Converting
  • Back up Library